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Time: 45 minutes
Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку
В конкурсе устной речи участвуют 2 члена жюри и 2 участника олимпиады
Use of English 9 grade
Participant’s id number
Time: 45 minutes
Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку
В конкурсе устной речи участвуют 2 члена жюри и 2 участника олимпиады
Time: 45 minutes
Participant’s id number
Понимание письменного текста (Reading) в комплект материалов, необходимых для проведения конкурса понимания письменного текста, входят
1. Методические рекомендации Описание процедуры проведения конкурса устной речи
1. Методические рекомендации Описание процедуры проведения конкурса устной речи
1. Методические рекомендации Описание процедуры проведения лексико-грамматического теста
1. Методические рекомендации Описание процедуры проведения конкурса письменной речи
1. Методические рекомендации Описание процедуры проведения конкурса письменной речи
Item 1
Шкала критериев оценивания заданий в разделе «Устная речь»
Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку
Шкала критериев оценивания заданий в разделе «Письменная речь»
Item 1
Шкала критериев оценивания заданий в разделе «Устная речь»
Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку
Шкала критериев оценивания заданий в разделе «Письменная речь»

Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку

2011 г. школьный этап 7-8 классы


Time: 45 minutes

Part 1

Questions 1-6 are based on Text 1

Just Me and the “Race of Truth”

Bill decided first to take part in the bike race, but then he refused to train seriously for it. He was not sure he wanted to compete. But I signed us up anyway. I like having goals, and we had never raced on our bikes before. I wanted to see how we’d do.

It was not what we expected — in fact, that race was quite a shock. But it certainly taught us some lessons. Our experience turned out to be a perfect illustration of the power of one sort of mental strategy in racing and a perfect example of what motivates some people to stay with a sport. The 36-kilometer (22-mile) race was a time trial: racers go off one by one at 30-second intervals and are ranked according to their speeds. I’m used to running races where everyone starts at once and you can be energized by the crowd and pace yourself by watching other runners. There are markers at every mile, and often there are clocks or race volunteers calling out times.

Here you are all alone. No mile markers. No crowds. Just you and the lonely road. Then there were the other riders. Girls, it seems, do not do this race. There were only eight of us, compared with 73 boys. But every racer looked like a serious athlete. Almost everyone had aero bars — special handlebars that look like horns. Many had aero helmets as well as aero wheels. Almost everyone was a member of a cycling team or club.

We had none of this special equipment. We were not on a team. My heart sank — what had we signed up for? We lined up according to our race numbers and set off, one by one. I was so nervous I forgot to set my bike computer, so I had no idea how far I had gone or how far I had to go. Nor did I know my average speed. It was like nothing I had ever done before, and I was not having fun. I kept telling myself just to keep going. I had told my friends I was riding, and I knew they would want to know how I did. I did not want to embarrass myself with a ridiculously slow time.

Finally, the race was over. “I’m never doing that again,” I said to Bill. “I was the slowest.” Well, he told me, he felt sure he was the slowest. We drove home. So much for thinking we were the fastest cyclists on the road. I was glad running is my real passion. It is not fun to feel like such a failure.

The next day the race organizers posted the results. What a surprise. I came in sixth out of the eight girls. And I beat two boys and tied with one.

Of course, we were still at the bottom of the heap, but suddenly our moods changed. “We should do this again”, Bill said. Only we should get aero bars and race again in the spring. Yes, I agreed. I’d love to see what we could do.

Not everyone wants to compete, of course. Recreational athletes take pleasure in a sport for its own sake and often feel no need to train and see how well they can do. They don’t care about their times. It’s not a mastery issue. They are not trying to conquer a hill, but just trying to climb it. Then there are the goal-oriented people whose motivation is somewhat different. And I guess that is what we are. “We have potential,” Bill said to me.

Decide which of the following statements (items 1-6) are True (T) or False (F).

1. T F At first I refused to take part in the cycling race

2. T F Bill and I have been professional racing cyclists for several years

3. T F I know what it is like to run together with a lot of people

4. T F No girls are allowed to be participants of the race

5. T F My bike computer was out of work during the race

6. T F We are going to buy special equipment for the next race

Part 2

Questions 7-12 are based on Text 2. You are going to read an article about Charlie Chaplin. Six sentences have been removed from the story. Choose from the sentences A-G the one which fits in each gap 7-12. There is one extra sentence you do not need to use.

If you want to NOT enjoy your travels

To me, reading is an essential part of travel. If you are one of those people who “doesn’t like to read”, than you are one of those people who should stay home and not travel.

Don’t read anything about the country of place you are going to. 7._____________________________. You will be able to have a completely one-dimensional experience.

Don’t read on your trip. 8.___________________________________. Who needs to know details like that?

Don’t read when you are stuck at the airport. 9._________________________________. Don’t read at the beach because it’s much better to sit there wondering what to do now that you are done swimming. Yes, if you don’t want to enjoy world travel, it is essential that you not read.

Don’t talk to anyone unless you have to. Talking to people can lead to destroying your boredom. 10. ______________________________________. Don’t talk to the man next to you on the airplane or bus, he might be a Chinese businessman who would invite you to visit his home and stay with his family.

Don’t talk to the guy who works at the hotel unless you need towels or directions. 11. _______________________________. You might end up going to a tiny temple in Penang, Malaysia instead of going to the big one that has eighteen tourist buses outside it.

Don’t talk to people in the street. 12.____________________________________. They might want to practice English with you. They might want to share a bit of their culture or learn something about yours. If you want to NOT enjoy your travels, do not talk unless you need something.

A. Don’t discover that Mark Twain stayed in the same hotel you’re visiting in Honolulu

B. It’s much better to just sit and get angry at the workers or eat overpriced food

C. If he thinks “Hey, this is a nice person” he might actually tell you some place that he doesn’t recommend to every other rude tourist

D. That way you won’t understand the culture, the traditions, or anything else

E. Bars are always filled with people who want to make friends with you because they’re curious

F. They might try to sell you something.

G. If you want to have horrible and meaningless travels, don’t talk to anyone unless you have to.

Part 3

Questions 13-20 are based on Text 3. You are going to read a story of two friends and their trip. For questions 13-20, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.

Alnwick Castle

Harry Potter (specifically the lure of seeing the castle that starred as Hogwarts) was enough to get us to take a detour to Alnwick Castle in Northeast England on our drive from Manchester to Edinburgh. But when we arrived we learned that there's a lot more to Alnwick Castle than being the location where they filmed Harry Potter. Nicknamed “The Windsor of the North,” it's the second largest inhabited castle in England. The Percy family, which includes the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, has been living inside this medieval fortress for 700 years.

 When I was in Wales, I loved visiting the crumbling beauties in Conwy and Beaumaris. As much I love the romanticism of ruins, there's something to be said for a perfectly intact castle that has the comforts of home. And Alnwick definitely does, as it's the ultra-spacious home to the Percy family for much of the year, as the castle is only open to the public from April - October.

In 1309, Henry Lord Percy purchased Alnwick Castle from the Bishop of Durham and moved his family into it from North Yorkshire. Don't we all wish we had descendants with such foresight! He paid between £2,666 and £6,666 for it, which is pretty expensive considering that all of Manhattan was purchased 300 years later for $24.

 But clearly he recognized the solid construction because 700 years later, the building still looks great, and it's quite a business as the family rents out a portion of it for weddings, conferences, a study abroad programme with Minnesota\'s St. Cloud State University. And, most importantly for Harry Potter fans, the outside of the castle was used for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Outer Bailey, the grass area in front of the castle was used for the famous flying broomstick lesson in the first film.

What I liked even more than the decor were all of the decorative pieces and artwork — this Percy family are keen collectors. I particularly enjoyed an entire hallway devoted to their extensive china collection.

I also liked seeing the modern touches that let us visitors know that Alnwick Castle isn't a museum — it's a home. Because I'm nosy, I loved looking at the family photographs — they were prominently displayed, I didn't have to go searching. And I loved that one of the fancy drawing rooms had a flat-screen TV and foosball table. But the castle has never shied away from technology, as it installed electricity in 1889 and was one of the first northeast homes to do so.

13. Alnwick Castle is world famous because

A. the next “Harry Potter” film is going to be filmed there

B. it was used for filmimg “Harry Potter”

C.  the actor who plays Harry Potter lives there

D. it is the only castle near Manchester

14. According to the text

A. it is the second oldest castle in England

B.  it is the second biggest castle in England after Windsor

C. it is one of the castles that the Percy family owns

D. it is one of the biggest castles in England where people live

15. Tourists are allowed to visit Alnwick Castle

A.  all year round

B.  seven months a year

C.  three months a year

D. only in winter

16.  The Percy family has had Alnwick Castle

A. since the thirteenth century

B. since the seventeenth century

C. since the fourteenth century

D. since the seventh century

17. According to the text Alnwick Castle

A. isn’t in ruins

B. has modern windows

C. doesn’t look old

D. doesn’t look like a real castle

18.  The Percy family also uses Alnwick Castle

A. as a place to rent

B. as their own wedding place

C. as a church

D. as a museum of archeology

19.  The author didn’t find it difficult to see the Percy family’s

A. bedrooms

B. weapon collection

C. photographs

D. cars

20.  The Percy family

A. have never used electricity inside the castle

B. are going to install ekectricity

C. have stopped using electricity

D. have used electricity since the nineteenth century



























Time: 45 minutes iconTime: 45 minutes
Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски 1-6 частями предложений, обозначенными буквами а-g. Одна из частей в списке а-g. Занесите букву,...
Time: 45 minutes iconДокументи
1. /Time Machine/Time Machine manual.pdf
2. /Time...

Time: 45 minutes iconListening (about 30 – 40 minutes) Part Teacher’s notes

Time: 45 minutes iconHolidays maslenitsa this is our Time 2003

Time: 45 minutes iconThis is our time 2002 unite the nations society
В каком городе находится университет Святого Климента из Охрида (St Kliment of Ohrid)?
Time: 45 minutes iconThis is our time 2002 unite the nations history
Начало португальской колонизации в Бразилии, в доколониальный период (1500-1530), характеризовалось как
Time: 45 minutes iconThis is our time 2002 unite the nations art
Где состоялась первая встреча модернистов(1922), известная как Неделя Искусства Модерн?
Time: 45 minutes iconThis is our time 2002 unite the nations sports
Лидирующий бразильский серфер, родившийся и выросший в городе, который находится далеко от моря, на юго-востоке Бразилии
Time: 45 minutes iconIt is Miller Time!
Вместе с Майклом Джорданом он величайший клатч-плеер, которог мы когда-либо видели. Он настоящий профессионал с невероятным сердцем,...
Time: 45 minutes iconПринцип действия Машины Времени
В 1895 году английский писатель, биолог Герберт Уэллс (Herbert Wells, 1866-1946) опубликовал роман "Машина времени" ("The Time Machine")...
Time: 45 minutes iconДокументи
1. /One Republic (WAKING UP) LYRICS/One Republic - Missing Persons 1&2 Lyrics.txt
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