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z_minigun_spread 7
Minigun spray in degrees from forward
z_minigun_stand_distance 36

z_minion_aim_tolerance 0.05 cheat
z_minion_limit 3 cheat
z_mission_cycle 0
Filename of a list of desired missions
z_mission_timelimit 0 notify minimum game time per mission in minutes (0 disables)
z_mob_min_notify_count 10 cheat Mobs at least this large trigger mob' events'
z_mob_music_size 2 cheat Spotting a mob this large plays music
z_mob_population_density 0.006399 cheat Density of mob spawns, per square inch (0.0064 = 4 per 1x1 nav area)
z_mob_recharge_rate 0.002499 cheat
z_mob_sacrifice_timeout 5 cheat
z_mob_spawn_finale_size 20 cheat
z_mob_spawn_max_interval_easy 240 cheat
z_mob_spawn_max_interval_expert 180 cheat
z_mob_spawn_max_interval_hard 180 cheat
z_mob_spawn_max_interval_normal 180 cheat
z_mob_spawn_max_size 30 cheat
z_mob_spawn_min_interval_easy 120 cheat
z_mob_spawn_min_interval_expert 90 cheat
z_mob_spawn_min_interval_hard 90 cheat
z_mob_spawn_min_interval_normal 90 cheat
z_mob_spawn_min_size 10 cheat
z_must_wander 0 cheat For testing. 0: default. 1: wandering zombies dont sit/lie down. -1: wandering zombies always sit/lie down.'
z_mute_infected 0 cheat If nonzero, common infected will not growl, yell, etc
z_nav_debug 0 cheat
z_network_compression 1
Enables bz2 compression
z_nextmission cmd
Sets the next mission at the end of the current mission
z_no_cull 0 cheat If nonzero, the Director will not cull common infected
z_noise_level_display 0 cheat Show noise levels on players?
z_noise_level_fade_rate 40 cheat How much noise we lose each tick, after hold_time expires.
z_noise_level_footstep 50 cheat How much noise we make with a footstep.
z_noise_level_footstep_in_water 75 cheat How much noise we make with a footstep while in water.
z_noise_level_hold_time 0.5 cheat How long we hold a given noise level before it starts to fade.
z_noise_level_max 135 cheat The highest the noise level can go.
z_noise_level_vocalize 75 cheat How much noise we make when we say things.
z_non_head_damage_factor_easy 2 cheat Damage to zombie from non-headshots is multiplied by this factor
z_non_head_damage_factor_expert 0.5 cheat Damage to zombie from non-headshots is multiplied by this factor
z_non_head_damage_factor_hard 0.75 cheat Damage to zombie from non-headshots is multiplied by this factor
z_non_head_damage_factor_normal 1 cheat Damage to zombie from non-headshots is multiplied by this factor
z_notice_it_range 1500 cheat
z_notice_near_range 100 cheat
z_player_lunge_up 150 cheat
z_player_zombie_debug 0 cheat
z_player_zombie_land_delay 0.5 cheat
z_player_zombie_min_dead_time 2 cheat The minimum time a PC zombie must be dead before being eligible to respawn
z_population 0
Default population on the current map (saved/loaded in the nav mesh)
z_pounce_allow_partial_hidden 1 cheat
z_pounce_crouch_delay 1 cheat
z_pounce_damage 5 cheat
z_pounce_damage_delay 1 cheat
z_pounce_damage_interrupt 150 cheat Taking this much damage interrupts a pounce attempt
z_pounce_damage_interval 0.5 cheat
z_pounce_damage_range_max 1000

z_pounce_damage_range_min 300

z_pounce_delay 0 cheat
z_pounce_door_damage 500 cheat
z_pounce_shake_amplitude 4

z_pounce_shake_duration 1.5

z_pounce_shake_radius 250

z_pounce_silence_range 500 cheat
z_pounce_stumble_force 5 cheat Force of the stumble effect when a hunter pounces on someone
z_pounce_stumble_radius 160
Radius of the stumble effect when a hunter pounces on someone
z_prevent_burrowing 1 cheat Use extra tracelines to prevent burrowing zombies
z_puking_eye_height 44 cheat
z_push_force 2000 cheat
z_push_mass_max 200 cheat
z_pushaway_force 100 cheat How hard the infected shove non-IT Survivors out of their way to reach the IT victim
z_ragdoll_discard_range 2000
Discard ragdolls farther away than this
z_randombodygroups 1 cheat Set to zero to disable random body groups on infected
z_randomskins 1 cheat Set to zero to disable random skins on infected
z_reload_chatter_debug 0 cheat Should we give devtext explanations of why we didnt say "Reloading"?'
z_reload_chatter_intensity 0.25 cheat Intensity level at which players start saying "Reloading"
z_reload_chatter_nearby_friend_range 600 cheat A friend needs to be this close to say"Reloading"
z_reload_chatter_recent_enemy 1.5 cheat An enemy needs to have been seen this recently to say "Reloading"
z_reload_chatter_shotgun_ammo_threshold 6 cheat Players dont say "Reloading" when reloading a shotgun that has this many shells already'
z_reload_chatter_shotgun_interval 10 cheat
z_removeitems cmd cheat Removes all items from survivors
z_reset_population_counter cmd cheat For debugging
z_respawn_distance 100 cheat Infected can try a respawn within this far of their original spawn
z_respawn_interval 10 cheat Infected can try a respawn within this many seconds of spawning
z_restrict_team_change 0 cheat
z_round_start_attack_prevention 1
How many seconds after round start until a player is allowed to use a weapon.
z_round_start_replacement_time 30 cheat
z_run_exertion_interval 1 cheat
z_safe_spawn_range 250 cheat Minimum range for spawning special zombies
z_scout_mob_spawn_range 3000 cheat
z_scrimmage_creep_delay 0

z_scrimmage_creep_rate 100

z_scrimmage_sphere 1

z_shotgun_bonus_damage_multiplier 5 cheat The multiplier to damage from a shotgun pellet within z_shotgun_bonus_damage_range range.
z_shotgun_bonus_damage_range 100 cheat A shotgun pellet hitting a common infected within this distance will get the z_shotgun_bonus_damage_multiplier bonus.
z_shove_friend_speed 130 cheat
z_show_bottlenecks 0 cheat
z_show_clear 0 cheat
z_show_completely_visible_to_survivor_team 0 cheat
z_show_damaging 0 cheat
z_show_escape_route 0 cheat
z_show_flow_delta 0 cheat
z_show_flow_distance 0 cheat
z_show_infected 0 cheat
z_show_last_area 0 cheat Draws a line from each player to the center of their last known nav area
z_show_mutually_visible_set 0 cheat
z_show_population_density 0 cheat
z_show_potentially_visible 0 cheat
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