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AutoSaveDangerous bugreporter restart

НазваниеAutoSaveDangerous bugreporter restart
Размер0.67 Mb.
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: pauses a loaded plugin
plugin_pause_all cmd
pauses all loaded plugins
plugin_print cmd
Prints details about loaded plugins
plugin_unload cmd
plugin_unload : unloads a plugin
plugin_unpause cmd
plugin_unpause : unpauses a disabled plugin
plugin_unpause_all cmd
unpauses all disabled plugins
print_colorcorrection cmd cheat Display the color correction layer information.
progress_enable cmd

prop_active_gib_limit 999999

prop_active_gib_max_fade_time 999999

prop_crosshair cmd cheat Shows name for prop looking at
prop_debug cmd cheat Toggle prop debug mode. If on, props will show colorcoded bounding boxes. Red means ignore all damage. White means respond physically to damage but never break. Green maps health in the range of 100 down to 1.
prop_dynamic_create cmd cheat Creates a dynamic prop with a specific .mdl aimed away from where the player is looking. Arguments: {.mdl name}
prop_physics_create cmd cheat Creates a physics prop with a specific .mdl aimed away from where the player is looking. Arguments: {.mdl name}
props_break_max_pieces -1
Maximum prop breakable piece count (-1 = model default)
props_break_max_pieces_perframe -1
Maximum prop breakable piece count per frame (-1 = model default)
pump_shotgun_pellet_scatter 7.5

punch_angle_decay_rate 20

pz_damages cmd cheat List player zombie damages
quit cmd
Exit the engine.
r_3dnow cmd
Enable/disable 3DNow code
r_AirboatViewDampenDamp 1 cheat notify
r_AirboatViewDampenFreq 7 cheat notify
r_AirboatViewZHeight 0 cheat notify
r_ambientboost 1
Set to boost ambient term if it is totally swamped by local lights
r_ambientfactor 5
Boost ambient cube by no more than this factor
r_ambientfraction 0.2 cheat Fraction of direct lighting used to boost lighting when model requests
r_ambientlightingonly 0 cheat Set this to 1 to light models with only ambient lighting (and no static lighting).
r_ambientmin 0.3
Threshold above which ambient cube will not boost (i.e. its already sufficiently bright'
r_aspectratio 0

r_avglight 1 cheat
r_avglightmap 0 cheat
r_bloomtintb 0.109999

r_bloomtintexponent 2.2

r_bloomtintg 0.589999

r_bloomtintr 0.3

r_cleardecals cmd
Usage r_cleardecals
r_ClipAreaPortals 1 cheat
r_colorstaticprops 0 cheat
r_debugrandomstaticlighting 0 cheat Set to 1 to randomize static lighting for debugging. Must restart for change to take affect.
r_decal_cover_count 4

r_decal_overlap_area 0.4

r_decal_overlap_count 3

r_decals 2048

r_decalstaticprops 1
Decal static props test
r_DispBuildable 0 cheat
r_DispDrawAxes 0

r_DispWalkable 0 cheat
r_drawbatchdecals 1
Render decals batched.
r_DrawBeams 1 cheat 0=Off, 1=Normal, 2=Wireframe
r_drawbrushmodels 1 cheat Render brush models. 0=Off, 1=Normal, 2=Wireframe
r_drawclipbrushes 0 cheat Draw clip brushes (red=NPC+player, pink=player, purple=NPC)
r_drawdecals 1 cheat Render decals.
r_DrawDisp 1 cheat Toggles rendering of displacment maps
r_drawentities 1 cheat
r_drawfuncdetail 1 cheat Render func_detail
r_drawleaf -1 cheat Draw the specified leaf.
r_drawlightcache 0 cheat 0: off 1: draw light cache entries 2: draw rays
r_drawlightinfo 0 cheat
r_drawlights 0 cheat
r_drawmodeldecals 1

r_DrawModelLightOrigin 0 cheat
r_drawmodelstatsoverlay 0 cheat
r_drawmodelstatsoverlaydistance 500 cheat
r_drawmodelstatsoverlaymax 1.5
time in milliseconds beyond which a model overlay is fully red in r_drawmodelstatsoverlay 2
r_drawmodelstatsoverlaymin 0.1
time in milliseconds that a model must take to render before showing an overlay in r_drawmodelstatsoverlay 2
r_DrawPortals 0 cheat
r_drawskybox 1 cheat
r_DrawSpecificStaticProp -1

r_drawstaticprops 1 cheat 0=Off, 1=Normal, 2=Wireframe
r_drawtranslucentworld 1 cheat
r_drawvgui 1 cheat Enable the rendering of vgui panels
r_drawworld 1 cheat Render the world.
r_dscale_basefov 90 cheat
r_dscale_fardist 2000 cheat
r_dscale_farscale 4 cheat
r_dscale_neardist 100 cheat
r_dscale_nearscale 1 cheat
r_dynamic 1

r_dynamiclighting 1 cheat
r_entity -1 cheat
r_eyeglintlodpixels 20
The number of pixels wide an eyeball has to be before rendering an eyeglint. Is a floating point value.
r_eyemove 1

r_eyes 1

r_eyeshift_x 0

r_eyeshift_y 0

r_eyeshift_z 0

r_eyesize 0

r_fastzreject 0
Activate/deactivates a fast z-setting algorithm to take advantage of hardware with fast z reject. Use -1 to default to hardware settings
r_fastzrejectdisp 0
Activates/deactivates fast z rejection on displacements (360 only). Only active when r_fastzreject is on.
r_flashlightbrightness 0.25 cheat
r_flashlightclip 0 cheat
r_flashlightculldepth 1

r_flashlightdepthtexture 1

r_flashlightdrawclip 0 cheat
r_flashlightdrawdepth 0

r_flashlightdrawfrustumbbox 0

r_flashlightdrawsweptbbox 0

r_flashlightnodraw 0

r_flashlightrender 1

r_flashlightrendermodels 1

r_flashlightrenderworld 1

r_flashlightscissor 1 cheat
r_flashlightupdatedepth 1

r_flex 1

r_flushlod cmd
Flush and reload LODs.
r_ForceRestore 0

r_frustumcullworld 1

r_glint_alwaysdraw 0

r_glint_procedural 0

r_hunkalloclightmaps 1

r_hwmorph 0 cheat
r_itemblinkmax 0.3 cheat
r_itemblinkrate 4.5 cheat
r_JeepFOV 90 cheat
r_JeepViewDampenDamp 1 cheat notify
r_JeepViewDampenFreq 7 cheat notify
r_JeepViewZHeight 10 cheat notify
r_lightaverage 1
Activates/deactivate light averaging
r_lightcache_invalidate cmd cheat
r_lightcache_numambientsamples 162 cheat number of random directions to fire rays when computing ambient lighting
r_lightcache_radiusfactor 1000 cheat Allow lights to influence lightcaches beyond the lights radii'
r_lightcache_zbuffercache 0

r_lightcachecenter 1 cheat
r_lightcachemodel -1 cheat
r_lightinterp 5 cheat Controls the speed of light interpolation, 0 turns off interpolation
r_lightmap -1 cheat
r_lightstyle -1 cheat
r_lightwarpidentity 0 cheat
r_lockpvs 0 cheat Lock the PVS so you can fly around and inspect what is being drawn.
r_lod -1

r_maxdlights 32

r_maxmodeldecal 50

r_maxnewsamples 6

r_maxsampledist 128

r_minlightmap 0

r_minnewsamples 3

r_modelwireframedecal 0 cheat
r_nohw 0 cheat
r_norefresh 0

r_nosw 0 cheat
r_novis 0 cheat Turn off the PVS.
r_occludeemaxarea 0
Prevents occlusion testing for entities that take up more than X% of the screen. 0 means use whatever the level said to use.
r_occluderminarea 0
Prevents this occluder from being used if it takes up less than X% of the screen. 0 means use whatever the level said to use.
r_occludermincount 0
At least this many occluders will be used, no matter how big they are.
r_occlusion 1
Activate/deactivate the occlusion system.
r_occlusionspew 0 cheat Activate/deactivates spew about what the occlusion system is doing.
r_oldlightselection 0 cheat Set this to revert to HL2s method of selecting lights'
r_overlayfadeenable 0

r_overlayfademax 2000

r_overlayfademin 1750

r_overlaywireframe 0

r_partition_level -1 cheat Displays a particular level of the spatial partition system. Use -1 to disable it.
r_portalscloseall 0

r_portalsopenall 0 cheat Open all portals
r_printdecalinfo cmd

r_proplightingfromdisk 1
0=Off, 1=On, 2=Show Errors
r_proplightingpooling -1 cheat 0 - off, 1 - static prop color meshes are allocated from a single shared vertex buffer (on hardware that supports stream offset)
r_queued_decals 0
Offloads a bit of decal rendering setup work to the material system queue when enabled.
r_radiosity 4 cheat 0: no radiosity 1: radiosity with ambient cube (6 samples) 2: radiosity with 162 samples 3: 162 samples for static props, 6 samples for everything else
r_randomflex 0 cheat
r_renderoverlayfragment 1

r_rootlod 0
Root LOD
r_shadow_deferred 0 cheat Toggle deferred shadow rendering
r_shadowids 0 cheat
r_shadowrendertotexture 0

r_shadows 1

r_shadows_gamecontrol -1 cheat
r_shadowwireframe 0 cheat
r_showenvcubemap 0 cheat
r_ShowViewerArea 0

r_showz_power 1 cheat
r_skin 0 cheat
r_slowpathwireframe 0 cheat
r_snapportal -1

r_spray_lifetime 10
Number of rounds player sprays are visible
r_sse2 cmd
Enable/disable SSE2 code
r_staticprop_lod -1

r_staticpropinfo 0

r_teeth 1

r_threaded_shadow_clip 0

r_unloadlightmaps 0

r_vehicleBrakeRate 1.5 cheat
r_VehicleViewDampen 1 cheat notify
r_visambient 0
Draw leaf ambient lighting samples. Needs mat_leafvis 1 to work
r_visocclusion 0 cheat Activate/deactivate wireframe rendering of what the occlusion system is doing.
r_visualizelighttraces 0 cheat
r_visualizelighttracesshowfulltrace 0 cheat
r_visualizetraces 0 cheat
r_waterforceexpensive 0

r_worldlightmin 0.000199

r_worldlights 3
number of world lights to use per vertex
rate 10000
Max bytes/sec the host can receive data
rcon cmd
Issue an rcon command.
rcon_address 0
Address of remote server if sending unconnected rcon commands (format x.x.x.x:p)
rcon_password 0
remote console password.
recompute_speed cmd cheat Recomputes clock speed (for debugging purposes).
record cmd
Record a demo.
reload cmd
Reload the most recent saved game (add setpos to jump to current view position on reload).
reload_materials 0

removeid cmd
Remove a user ID from the ban list.
removeip cmd
Remove an IP address from the ban list.
report cmd

report_entities cmd
Lists all entities
report_simthinklist cmd
Lists all simulating/thinking entities
report_soundpatch cmd
reports sound patch count
report_touchlinks cmd
Lists all touchlinks
res_restrict_access 0

rescue_distance 4500 cheat Living survivors must travel this far past a dead survivors corpse to be able to rescue him'
rescue_finale_ignore_distance 4000 cheat If living survivors are this far past a rescuable survivor, he stops calling for help
rescue_finale_spawn_range 4000 cheat info_survivor_rescue ents will be considered if they are this close to the leading survivor
rescue_ignore_distance 2000 cheat If living survivors are this far past a rescuable survivor, he stops calling for help
rescue_interval 2.5 cheat Dead survivors are checked to start calling for help this often
rescue_min_dead_time 60 cheat Duration in seconds a survivor must be dead before being rescuable
rescue_range 1000 cheat if a survivor gets this close to an active info_survivor_rescue, it will be triggered
rescue_show cmd cheat Shows debugging info for info_survivor_rescue ents
rescue_spawn_flow 400 cheat info_survivor_rescue ents will be considered if they are no more than this far ahead in flow distance from the leading survivor
rescue_spawn_range 2000 cheat info_survivor_rescue ents will be considered if they are this close to the leading survivor
rescue_update_nav cmd cheat Updates RESCUE_CLOSET nav flags
rescue_vs 0 cheat Rescue closets in vs mode
rescue_yell_delay 1 cheat Delay before yelling when activating
rescue_yell_interval 6 cheat Interval at which an info_survivor_rescue yells for help
reset_gameconvars cmd cheat Reset a bunch of game convars to default values
respawn_entities cmd cheat Respawn all the entities in the map.
restart cmd
Restart the game on the same level (add setpos to jump to current view position on restart).
retry cmd
Retry connection to last server.
room_type 0

rope_min_pixel_diameter 2 cheat
rpt cmd
Issue an rpt command.
rpt_client_enable cmd

rpt_connect cmd

rpt_download_log cmd

rpt_end cmd

rpt_password cmd

rpt_screenshot cmd

rpt_server_enable cmd

rpt_start cmd

rpt_vprof_time 0.25

rr_debugplayer -1
Player entindex for which to print speech attempts (0 for all)
rr_debugresponseconcept 0
If set, rr_debugresponses will print only responses testing for the specified concept
rr_debugresponses 0
Show verbose matching output (1 for simple, 2 for rule scoring, 3 for noisy). If set to 4, it will only show response success/failure for npc_selected NPCs.
rr_debugrule 0
If set to the name of the rule, that rules score will be shown whenever a concept is passed into the response rules system.'
rr_dumpresponses 0
Dump all response_rules.txt and rules (requires restart)
rr_followup_maxdist 1800 cheat then ANY' or 'then ALL' response followups will be dispatched only to characters within this distance.'
rr_reloadresponsesystems cmd
Reload all response system scripts.
rr_remarkable_world_entities_replay_limit 1 cheat TLK_REMARKs will be dispatched no more than this many times for any given info_remarkable
rr_thenany_score_slop 0 cheat When computing respondents for a THEN ANY' rule, all rule-matching scores within this much of the best score will be considered.'
save cmd
Saves current game.
save_async 1

save_asyncdelay 0
For testing, adds this many milliseconds of delay to the save operation.
save_console 0
Autosave on the PC behaves like it does on the consoles.
save_disable 0

save_finish_async cmd

save_history_count 1
Keep this many old copies in history of autosaves and quicksaves.
save_huddelayframes 1
Number of frames to defer for drawing the Saving message.
save_in_memory 0
Set to 1 to save to memory instead of disk (Xbox 360)
save_noxsave 0

save_screenshot 1
0 = none, 1 = non-autosave, 2 = always
save_spew 0

say cmd
Display player message
say_team cmd
Display player message to team
sb_add cmd
Add a Survivor Bot.
sb_all_bot_team 0 cheat Allow a team of nothing but bots
sb_allow_leading 0
If nonzero, SurvivorBots can take the lead and wont always wait behind the lead human player'
sb_always_hurry_vs 1 cheat If nonzero, never walk, always run in VS mode
sb_battlestation_give_up_range_from_human 1500 cheat
sb_battlestation_human_hold_time 4 cheat How long the nearest human must hold their place before SurvivorBots will re-evaluate their Battlestations
sb_close_checkpoint_door_interval 2 cheat
sb_close_threat_range 200 cheat
sb_combat_saccade_speed 1000 cheat
sb_crouch 0 cheat Forces survivor bots to crouch
sb_debug_apoproach_wait_time 5 cheat How long a SurvivorBot waits once it reaches its debug move-to spot
sb_debug_buddy 0 cheat
sb_debug_locomotion 0 cheat
sb_debug_retreat 0 cheat
sb_debug_team_avoidance 0 cheat
sb_dont_bash 0 cheat Force SurvivorBots to not bash
sb_dont_shoot 0 cheat Force SurvivorBots to not fire their weapons
sb_enforce_proximity_lookat_timeout 10 cheat
sb_enforce_proximity_range 1500 cheat
sb_far_hearing_range 1500 cheat
sb_flashlight 0 cheat Forces survivor bots to use flashlights (-1 to force off)
sb_follow_stress_factor 0.5 cheat
sb_force_max_intensity cmd cheat Force intensity of selected SurvivorBot to maximum level.
sb_friend_immobilized_reaction_time_expert 0.5 cheat How quickly a SurvivorBot realizes a friend has been Pounced or Tongued
sb_friend_immobilized_reaction_time_hard 1 cheat How quickly a SurvivorBot realizes a friend has been Pounced or Tongued
sb_friend_immobilized_reaction_time_normal 2 cheat How quickly a SurvivorBot realizes a friend has been Pounced or Tongued
sb_friend_immobilized_reaction_time_vs 0.5 cheat How quickly a SurvivorBot realizes a friend has been Pounced or Tongued
sb_friendlyfire 0 cheat
sb_give cmd cheat Give an item to each Survivor bot
sb_give_random_weapon cmd cheat Give a random weapon to each Survivor bot
sb_hindrance_range 150 cheat
sb_hold_position 0 cheat Force SurvivorBots to stand still
sb_locomotion_wait_threshold 10 cheat
sb_max_battlestation_range_from_human 750 cheat
sb_max_scavenge_separation 750 cheat SurvivorBots wont scavenge items farther away from the group than this'
sb_min_attention_notice_time 0.5 cheat If someone looks at me longer than this, Ill notice'
sb_min_orphan_time_to_cover 1 cheat
sb_minimum 0
Reserves this many survivor positions for bots
sb_move 1 cheat Stop all SurvivorBots from moving
sb_move_to_cursor cmd
Sends survivor bots to cursor target
sb_narrow_corridor_width 100 cheat
sb_near_hearing_range 500 cheat
sb_neighbor_range 300 cheat How close a friend needs to be to feel safe
sb_normal_saccade_speed 350 cheat
sb_open_fire 0 cheat Forces survivor bots to fire continuously
sb_path_lookahead_range 300 cheat
sb_perf_crawl 0 cheat If true, survivor bot will be doing a perf-crawl walk through the map
sb_perf_crawl_ang 5 cheat Rotation angles at perf-crawl snapshots in the map
sb_perf_crawl_dist 128 cheat Distance between perf-crawl snapshots in the map
sb_perf_crawl_time 1 cheat How much time is spent at each perf-crawl spot/ang in the map
sb_perf_dump 0 cheat If true, low perf places will be dumped
sb_perf_dump_bots 0 cheat Which bots to use for dumping: namvet, girl, biker, manager
sb_pushscale 1 cheat
sb_reachability_cache_lifetime 3 cheat
sb_reachable_cache_paranoia 0

sb_replacement_interval 0 cheat Force SurvivorBots to be replaced after this many seconds for stress testing
sb_rescue_vehicle_loading_range 300 cheat How close to the arrival point of the rescue vehicle SurvivorBots try to get
sb_separation_danger_max_range 600 cheat A Survivor teammate this far away needs to be gathered back into the group
sb_separation_danger_min_range 500 cheat A Survivor teammate this far away is straying from the group
sb_separation_range 200 cheat Desired distance between Survivors
sb_show_threat_areas 0 cheat
sb_sidestep_for_horde 0 cheat Allow sidestepping left/right to acquire common infected targets
sb_skill 0

sb_stop 0 cheat Forces survivor bots to stand still
sb_takecontrol cmd cheat Take control of a bot.
sb_temp_health_consider_factor 0.5
Temporary health is multiplied by this when SurvivorBots consider who needs healing
sb_threat_close_range 150 cheat Very close range for threats
sb_threat_exposure_stop 200000 cheat
sb_threat_exposure_walk 50000 cheat
sb_threat_far_range 600 cheat Close enough to be a threat if near several other threats
sb_threat_medium_range 300 cheat Too close for comfort, even when neutral
sb_threat_very_close_range 150 cheat
sb_threat_very_far_range 1500 cheat Too far to be a threat, even for boss infected
sb_toughness_buffer 15
How much more SurvivorBots must be hurt to conider themselves equally valid as a healing target
sb_transition 1
If true, survivor bots will be used as placeholders for survivors who are still changing levels
sb_unstick 1 cheat
sb_use_button_range 1000 cheat
sb_vomit_blind_time 5 cheat How long Boomer vomit/explosion gore blinds us
scene_async_prefetch_spew 0
Display async .ani file loading info.
scene_clientflex 1
Do client side flex animation.
scene_clientplayback 1
Play all vcds on the clients.
scene_flush cmd
Flush all .vcds from the cache and reload from disk.
scene_forcecombined 0
When playing back, force use of combined .wav files even in english.
scene_maxcaptionradius 1200
Only show closed captions if recipient is within this many units of speaking actor (0==disabled).
scene_print 0
When playing back a scene, print timing and event info to console.
scene_showlook 0
When playing back, show the directions of look events.
scene_showmoveto 0
When moving, show the end location.
scene_showunlock 0
Show when a vcd is playing but normal AI is running.
screenshot cmd
Take a screenshot.
select_cliff cmd cheat Selects all NAV_MESH_CLIFF areas.
select_invalid_finale_nospawn cmd cheat Selects all FINALE_NOSPAWN areas that arent also FINALE.'
select_with_attribute cmd cheat Selects areas with the given attribute.
server_game_time cmd
Gives the game time in seconds (servers curtime)'
servercfgfile 0

setang cmd cheat Snap player eyes to specified pitch yaw (must have sv_cheats).
setang_exact cmd cheat Snap player eyes and orientation to specified pitch yaw (must have sv_cheats).
setinfo cmd
Adds a new user info value
setmaster cmd
add/remove/enable/disable master servers
setmodel cmd cheat Changess player's model'
setpause cmd
Set the pause state of the server.
setpos cmd cheat Move player to specified origin (must have sv_cheats).
setpos_exact cmd cheat Move player to an exact specified origin (must have sv_cheats).
setpos_player cmd cheat Move specified player to specified origin (must have sv_cheats).
shake cmd cheat Shake the screen.
shotgun_reload_cancel_delay 0.5
On reload from empty, time before a fire command is recognized to cancel the reload.
shout_going_to_die_interval 20 cheat
shout_make_way_interval 2 cheat
shout_max_warn_range 2000 cheat
shout_min_special_warn_interval 5 cheat
shout_min_use_range 200 cheat
shout_min_warn_interval 10 cheat
shout_threat_range 500 cheat
shout_view_motion_threshold 0.009999 cheat
shout_view_target_threahold 0.009999 cheat
-showbudget cmd cheat
showbudget_texture 0 cheat Enable the texture budget panel.
-showbudget_texture cmd cheat
-showbudget_texture_global cmd cheat
showbudget_texture_global_sum 0

showconsole cmd
Show the console.
showtriggers 0 cheat Shows trigger brushes
showtriggers_toggle cmd cheat Toggle show triggers
-showvprof cmd

shriek_shake_amplitude 10 cheat
shriek_shake_duration 2 cheat
shriek_shake_frequency 5 cheat
singlestep 0 cheat Run engine in single step mode ( set next to 1 to advance a frame )
sk_autoaim_mode 1

sk_player_arm 1

sk_player_chest 1

sk_player_head 2

sk_player_leg 1

sk_player_stomach 1

skill 1
Game skill level (1-3).
sm cmd
SourceMod Menu
sm_addban cmd
sm_admin cmd
Displays the admin menu
sm_ban cmd
sm_ban <#userid|name> [reason]
sm_banip cmd
1   ...   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   ...   23

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