Кот Матроскин написал своему другу письмо. Прочитай внимательно icon

Кот Матроскин написал своему другу письмо. Прочитай внимательно

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  1. Кот Матроскин написал своему другу письмо. Прочитай внимательно.

Dear Fyodor,

It is New Year soon. I like New Year very much. Sharik likes it too. He takes photos of different animals and birds. I am making a cake for our party now. Petchkin likes this holiday. He sends postcards and telegrams to all our friends.

We put a New Year Tree in the yard near our house. It is big and nice. All birds and animals often sit in our tree. Please, come to our village. We want to see you very much.

Your friends.

А сейчас прочитай текст еще раз. Из данных ниже предложений выбери то, которое не соответствует тексту письма.

  1. It is Christmas now.

  2. Matroskin likes this holiday.

  3. Petchkin sends postcards and telegrams to all our friends.

  4. There is a nice New Year Tree in the yard.

  5. Birds and animals like their tree.


А Weekend Away

On Saturday at the end of June the Browns decided to spend their weekend in Brighton. Everything was wonderful. They enjoy their holidays very much. The next week on Sunday they went to Dover. Everything was terrible.

  1. Choose and write out the numbers of the sentences ( выбери и выпиши номера предложений ) :

About Brighton________________________________________________________

About Dover__________________________________________________________

(1)The weather was sunny and hot. (2)The hotel was old and dirty. (3)The room was large. (4) The water in the sea was cold and dirty. (5) A cold wind was blowing. (6)There were no clouds in the sky. (7) The sun was bright. (8)The water in the sea was clear. (9) The room was small and dirty. (10) There were big dark clouds in the sky. (11) The hotel had all modern conveniences. (12) The beds were comfortable. (13)The chairs were uncomfortable. (14) There was no wind.

Use of English

  1. Fill in the blanks with the proper form of the verb in brackets. ( Поставьте глаголы в скобках в нужной форме).

The Garners, who(1)________(live) in Newcastle have two children. Jimmy Garner is ten, he is at junior school. Jimmy(2)______________(not like) school very much; he is not interested in reading, writing and arithmetic. He(3)____________(prefer) riding his new bike and playing with his hamsters.

Jimmy’s brother Peter is 14, he(4)_____________(go) to a secondary modern school. Peter is interested in cars and(5)______________(want) to be a motor mechanic. He(6)_____________(not want) to go to university after school. About 80% of the pupils in England(7)____________(go) to a secondary modern school or a comprehensive school.

Peter is a captain of the school’s soccer team. In English schools, sport(8)___________(play) an important part. Every school, sometimes every class(9)___________(have) its own team for soccer and football. Jimmy, however, is not very interested in playing games himself. He(10)______________(prefer) watching them on TV. In fact, he is a bit lazy.

  1. Choose the right answer ( Выбери правильный ответ).

1)____Tuesday we usually_____rather early.

a)___, get

b) On, get

c) on, got up

d) In, will, get

2) What______him_____last summer?

a) happened with, on

b) happen to,______

c) did happen with,____

d) happened to,____

3) I wonder____he is laughing___

a) why, at

b) what, at

c) who, ___

d)who, on

4) My mother___born on ___

a) is, Monday

b) was, the 22 of January

c) are, 3 o’clock

d) was, the morning

5) I___this dress yesterday. Red is my ___colour..

a) bought, the most favourite

b) bought, favourite

c) shall buy, favourite

d) will buy, favourite

6) We___History___the timetable last year.

a) hadn’t no, on

b) had, in

c) have, on

d) didn’t have, on

7)___you always late___school?

a) Is, in

b) Are, for

c) Do, in

d) Will be, for

8) How many subjects have the children got___?

a) in a week

b) on their timetable

c) in school

d) in Monday

9) They have Russian classes ___a week.

a) one time

b) six time

c) five time

d) four times

10) When are your classes usually___?

a) begin

b) finish

c) over

d) stop


Read the invitation and write you own one (Прочитай приглашение и напиши свое)

Dear John,

There will be my birthday party on Friday 10th July at 35 Queen St. from 5p.m. to 8.30p.m. Please let me know if you come.



How did you spend your holidays? Tell your friends about It.(Как ты провел летние каникулы? Расскажи об этом своим друзьям . 10 предложений)


1. Общее число баллов -50. Один правильный ответ- 1 балл. Чтение-15, лекс.-грам.-20, письмо-5, говорение-10. Правильные ответы отмечаются в тексте работы.

2. Reading: время проведения-25 минут

Use of English: время проведения-30 минут

Writing: время проведения-15 минут

Speaking: 2-3 минуты.

Время выполнения всей олимпиадной работы-1час 15 минут.


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